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How Hyaluronic Acid Helps In Treating Knee Pain? 1 year ago

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Hyaluronic acid is formed within our body and it helps in lubrication and cushioning of joints. But with age it gets thin and leads to friction between joints. It is a very painful condition that is one of the major side effects of osteoarthritis. It makes joints stiff and movement gets tough. A simple cure for this condition is giving regular dose of intra-articular hyaluronic acid or iaha injections to the patients. There are numerous doctors across the world that recommend iaha for knee treatment. Hyaluronic acid is an essential part of several cosmetic treatments like mesotherapy of hair & skin, dermal fillers, and so forth. But apart from granting better looks it also works for providing better lubrication of our joints. It is one of the most regular products that can be availed from private label beauty products maker.

So who should try iaha for knee pains? There is no fixed parameter for who can and who cannot go for iaha injections, but most doctors give these injections to those who have knee issues. People who cannot find any relief through painkillers or any other non-drug treatments are provided with iaha injections. So, if you have osteoarthritis of knee or any other painful condition with knee that cannot be cured with painkillers you can always go for iaha injections.

As for what are hyaluronic acid injections, hyaluronic acid is quite similar to the naturally occurring substance in joints. This natural substance acts as a shock absorber and lubricant ensuring smooth movement. This substance is known as hyaluronan. The simple procedure of injecting takes place in the doctor’s office where doctor injects it directly in the area close to joint. How long will this injection work or how soon you will need to appear for it depends on your age type of hyaluronic acid injected in your body. Usually some have one injections every week while some need it in a duration of 3-5 weeks.

If the treatment starts working in your favor, the effects will appear within a few days. However, you may need more than one dose to make the pain go away. The relief will last for few month if the pain goes away. For some, the doctors suggest a repeated course. For now, iaha has only been approved for joint pain in osteoarthritis. There are a few patients who also opt the same for pain in other joints.

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